THE STEALS -’Static Kingdom’

The Steals - Static Kingdom

“listening to northern English band The Steals is like hearing something for the first time which you just know, instinctively, is going to become a part of your life for years to come… This is a breathtakingly brilliant album”.. …[TERRASCOPE]

“Static Kingdom is an astonishing record” ….[SIDEWAYS THROUGH SOUND]

“Heavenly, Wild, Loneliness on CD” …[BLOOM]

“A beautiful album, informed by folky notions that reminisce of travellers
and pre-show gazed innocence, washed in electric instruments, equally swirling in echoes” …..[MANCHESTER MUSIC]

1. Hope
2. Shelter
3. The Weight
4. Dead Flame Rising
5. Stay in Silence
6. Golden
7. Borderlines
8. All Coming Back

Price: £8.49 (+ p&p.  overseas same as inland shipping )

The Steals- ‘Floodlights EP’

The Steals - Floodlights EP

“There is something nocturnal and passionately dark about this music, that
grabs at your emotions so much you can hear the rapid beating of your own heart.” ……INFUSED Magazine

“delicate and strong and breathtakingly warm and soulful and melodic and rather haunting and slightly folky in a dreamy creamy misty early morning kind of way. Sultry slowburning blues-rock undertone, laid back slide guitars, mellow creamy blues rock and Jayn Hanna has a powerful angelic voice that really is just perfect ,simmering beauty, glowing, warm, mellow and just right” ……..ORGAN Magazine

“The breathy, airy vocals on some of the songs will make you feel as if you’ve been transported to the Yorkshire moors on a fog-filled frosty autumnal morning”……ALTERNATIVE CUTS

“With its moody basslines, simple yet emotive drumming and sublime vocals, the Floodlights EP is a collection of tracks with a wonderful melodic, layered sound”

Release Date: Out Now

1. Out of your Hands
2. Over Me
3. Give it all Back
4. Sinner
5. Floodlights
6. Song to the Sea

Price: £4.79 (+ p&p.  overseas same as inland shipping )


A Rookery‘Nabby Nook’ EP


1. Ditch Fucking

2. Nobleman

3. Cradle

4. Remedy

5. Tint of Rose

Limited Edition CD format.

Release Date: October 31st 2010

Price: £5.49

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PARKBENCH- ‘Versus Blackout’

‘There is jazz here, and blues and country, and roots, and nothing that you can pin down to a genre or a style! But it’s all good! Takes you in direction after direction.’


“Darkly sophisticated slabs of lonesomeness … this is the first commercial release from Spitz Records, a label whose advent can only mean great things for London’s leftfield acts.’


Available as a digital format release. To buy – click the button and you will receive a link to download.